Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little motivation for myself

Today was a very melancholy day for me. no emotion. no situations to handle;and most of all no one pretending to really care about the way I feel or how I'm doing. Well today was truly a day for me to really focus on where I think I want the next chapter of my life to began. I still don't know where I' m headed but all I know is that I just keep moving closer to it. I am still working on my book but one of the things I was actually able to put into the grand scheme of things is getting my books, journals, notes etc... organized! While going through my old papers, (some as far back as college.) I found a poem that I wrote when I was starting to develop my writing. I think I want to put it on my blog, so that every time I post, I will always be inspired to keep writing because of this one particular piece.

by Latresa Buchanan-Ivy

Jealousy, sadness,betrayal, lies.....
all of these things I have seen through these eyes

my life has been down many roads
and times all I can do is cry...
there are also times when I felt I would crumble and die.

I have even felt the world is against my side...
I have felt the sharp pains of hatred and lies..
the ill-chilled sentiment of resentment and despise.

But, no matter what I have been through I will always keep my pride.
I will keep this head lifted proudly for all of the world to see,

that if they look real hard they will see a novel side of me.
for I am strong, I am proud, I am ambitious and free,
I am grasping life with both hands,
life can't get the best of me!

I challenge what the future holds!
cause where I am headed in life nobody knows!
I am going to make it no matter what!
even though times get hard and roads get rough!
and it may not seem like my problems won't come through...

I have faith I have god on my side cause I am a believer too.

As long as I keep my beliefs and pride nothing can hurt me.
I won't keep my head down.
I will keep it held high for all of the world to see.

that through these eyes I am strong black ambitious woman; and from their eyes they'll see me.

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