Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have been really distracted the past few days and its a good thing. I have really been taking interest in other poets and poems and that has really been my fascination. What I do is I read the poem and then I like to read the bio about the person who wrote it. If there is one. I try to read books and poems that have an author that is not anonymous, so that I can read any and all autobiography books about the person who did the writing. It amazes me how some of these people have a lot or less in these biographies that I read. Then I can't help but wonder was this all their life was? or is this all they want other readers to know about them? I see it as you only get one shot at life and I plan to make use of every waking moment that I have. Who knows yours truly may decide to have a bio wrote or maybe someone would be so fascinated by me and write one about me. That's what I want to spark into people when I write and interact with them and yet it seems that I am not accomplishing that as quickly as I feel I should. So maybe I am rushing things.....ok I am. LOL! I want to be all that I can while I can because I never want to be some old boggy full of regrets. Now another question I am going to explore is how do I go about making these  worthwhile things happen in my life? Only I can figure that one out.So that will most definitly be my new main goal to accomplish. In fact, it is the only goal that I want to see happen because if I can make that goal happen then everything I want to see happen will fall into place.  Here is a poem that has really stayed in my mind. It also is brilliantly written and sums up everything I hope to bring into my life as a writer. It will be added to my favorite poems as  a timeless reminder for me as a writer.
                                "The Garden Seat" (1875-1943) 
                                 Richard Emil Miller   

The poet's secret I must know,

If that will calm my restless mind.
I hail the seasons as they go,
I woo the sunshine brave the wind.

I scan the lily and the rose,
I nod to every nodding tree,
I follow every stream that flows,
And wait beside the steadfast sea.

I question melancholy eyes,
I touch the lips of women fair;
Their lips and eyes may make me wise,
But what I seek for is not there.

In vain I watch the day and night,
In vain the world through space may roll;
I never see the mystic light

Which fills the poet's happy soul.

Through life I hear the rhythmic flow
Whose meaning into song must turn;
Revealing all he longs to know,
The secret each alone must learn.


  1. this is an absolutely beautiful piece of poetry!

    'In vain I watch the day and night
    In vain the world through space may roll
    I never see the mystic light
    Which fills the poet's happy soul'

    The painting is captivating. I have a weakness for gardens and ladies of old.

    It is interesting what you say about a poets biography. I want to know more and I want to tell more but I always fear that i will ask too much or say too much.

    I started writing an autobiography to leave for my children or anyone else who is interested. i think that everyone has their own unique story to tell. I find it fascinating to learn of the many happenings in another person's life.

    for sure, don't wait to tell your story. perhaps a very short autobiography on our blogs might be an idea for our next post.
    what do you think?

    take care

  2. I just joined a group that supports poets and writers you might want to check them out


  3. Thank you Hope! I will most definitely check it out.

  4. I forgot to add I think your idea is good! Maybe I should write my own bio. Afterall, who is better at writing about me then me? Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration dear Hope.... Most of all thank you for you beautiful writings on your blog that happens to be my favorite blog page. You are naturally talented.I am striving to be as good a poet as you.

  5. neverblue~ your kind words melt my heart and expand my soul. Thank you for your compliments to my blog and my talent. I am so happy that you enjoy my poetry. You have amazing way of expressing yourself and a God given talent as well and i look forward to reading more from you.

    I think I might start an autobio. too. It will probably be a short one for I wouldn't want to bore the readers. Can't wait to read yours.

    take care

  6. Thank you for sharing this poem, it is the basis of living. We watch, we act, we learn. Blessings.