Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lovers Dream


By Latresa Ivy

As slumber creeps,
the mind starts to leap,
into a forbidden place.

Where two lovers  lie,
release a sigh and
passionately embrace.

A kiss and a touch seems to magnify so much;
of the hidden desires they share.

loving and kissing,
nothing missing,
and making subconscious aware.

As they grow tire
and rest from desire,

they hold each other so tight.

Closing their minds,
preparing their eyes,
to focus on what seems right.

So when they are awake,
much effort they take,
to hide what they know is true.

Living their lives,
with their husbands or wives,
while loving each other too. 


  1. Thank you for your comment. I don't visit here nearly as much as I would like too!
    Loved this poem....some illicit love affair going on? LOL!
    Well, we all need a bit of fantasy in our lives, and that is what gives us inspiration and motivation to write. I find that we all bounce off each other, we find inspiration in the most unusual places...and mostly when we least expect it!
    Pleased to read that everything in your life is sounding so good at the moment.
    Have a great break!
    Big hugs!

  2. Thanks Alice! there is more to come.LOL! I am at the realization that I am under a microscope anyway so why not write what I really want to write, it's my blog I can write what I want too! LOL! and yes, for the moment everything seems well on this end at the moment. Things seem to be getting better for you as well. Thanks for the inspiration and and motivation.

    Huge hugs!