Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Out of hibernation

It has been a while since I posted anything on my blog. Life has really been keeping me busy. I think that's a good thing considering. I have been writing in my book and I am very pleased with the progress. I have gone through 5 publishers and I think I actually found one I like.My husband decided that I should be able to type whenever I feel the needwithout worrying about one of our kids accidentally erasing any of my material since we share one computer in the household, so he is getting me a really nice laptop and I am so excited! I have been working on a painting on a larger canvas as well something very new to me since I only use small canvas's. It has been very unusual for me to get the colors mixed exactly the way I want. Thank god I am only using oil because it doesnt take a lot to mix and if I mess up I can just scrap it off and start over. I am usually good about mixing but since this picture is of a black woman I am finding it difficult to get her skin tone the color I am looking for. Most people say that its harder to paint with acrylics than oil and the majority of my paintings are with acrylics. I am very optimistic though. I am going to try harder to read more blogs and getting more verbal about responding to other ideas and interests. I am excited about what the future is bringing for me and my family and I can't wait for things to start unfolding so that I can began sharing more about this journey called my life! Bon dia

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