Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A few words

It has been a very very busy, frustrating ,mind boggling, few months on top of writing. I sometimes have to pinch myself and then take a deep breath because the things that have been happening to me must be preparing me for something wonderful to happen at any moment in my life. I have been having a squirrel eating at my pipes in my attic and causing major leaks in my ceiling. Its been going on for almost 4 months now and I must say that critter is very crafty! He lives in the pecan tree outside my bedroom window and when I open my window he seems to always be right there still and looking at me with a little smirk on his face as if to say, "You can't catch me no matter how hard you try!" I don't want to harm him in anyway but keeping him around is very expensive! he has put a halt to all my decorating plans and we finally had to tell .Donna my furniture dealer  to hold off on ordering us any more furniture for our home because I am afraid that it will get ruined by that crafty squirrel! We are determined to get that little menace if its the last thing we do! I have worked on my book some but not as much as I would like at the moment because I also have two trips to plan for my family (kids are coming with us)  and making things fall into place without  conflicting schedules is very, very tricky because I am the only one who has the most time to make plans and phone calls. Oh, I forgot to mention that I am having guest coming to visit this summer  which is also the reason I am redecorating my home as well as the now 4th  bedroom I  have since my oldest son has moved out.I am also having to go back and put my feminine touch on what has already been done because while I was given time by my dear hubby to write and let him take some time from work and take care of everything else. I did not know that he would really take care of EVERYTHING ELSE meaning the decorating that I now have time to observe because of that menacing squierrel. I now have a home that looks like a bachelors home with a mancave. Which also explains why my hubby is really hanging around the house more. ( hey... wait a minute! This issue will be discussed because there is a question about my style going on here! LOL!)  Then when it seems I finally have time to relax and sit down with no interruptions, that's when the joys of motherhood scream in my ear..literally... and having two teenagers who act like the world is falling apart when they have a problem that is so simple solve that it doesn't even need to be discussed and a seven year old who is constantly trying to figure out ways to put band aids on any part of his body while running around naked (he must get that from his fathers side of the family) leaves me wanting to be that little squirrel that does whatever he pleases and has to answer to no one and is happy as a kid with a big bag of candy! Well that's enough of that I have to go call my daughters friend's mother because she wants her to spend St. Patricks day with us and go to the festival since she has to work and it is considered a holiday here and the schools are closed I guess its OK. I mean I don't have anything to do.....LOL!


  1. I love your new template design! these past few months have been stressful for me so I haven't been doing a lot of blogging/visiting either.

    redecorating is always fun. I hope your squirrel problem will be resolved soon. Nature is beautiful and fun to watch if they don't get overabundant and start destroying things.

    we've had two and sometimes four, moose on our property these past few months and they have been eating the trees which I understand because jan, feb, and march, are the most difficult months to get through for the poor critters.

    We don't mind so much as long as they leave my flowering trees alone, so we've put fences around the trees we don't want them to touch. That seems to be working.

    good luck with your squirrel issue.
    take care my friend!

  2. Hi Neverblue! glad you visited my blog. it's always a pleasure to hear from you
    hope all is going well!

    take care!