Sunday, January 9, 2011

Spring cleaning

It is cold here not what I am used to either. People here say that if you live close to the ocean like we do that it never snows. It  is so cold today if by chance it does snow I would not be suprised! My best friend moved back to Alaska and she told me that it was -10 degrees! I guess I should NOT feel so unfortunate since it is only 20 degrees here. I thought about going for a walk at the beach but I need me a new pair of Wellies and the wind is so bone chilling today I think I am going to stay indoors and try to stay warm. I now know and my husband agrees. Older remodeled homes are very nice because they have history as does this one; but I only love hard wood  floors in the summer months not in the cold! Carpet would be so nice right now, but socks will have to work. As  I was looking in my food/spice/shoe closet/sewing /art room of a pantry. I happen to look at the very top of my bookshelf  (of which I cannot reach) and as I was reaching for my favorite cook book; I happen to wiggle a loose some of my old paintings that I did.  I gotta get organized! wow! its a mess in there! Anyhow as I was reflecting on warmer days I found a painting that reminded me of the reason why I love spring, It was a depiction of a painting I painted in kindergarten that I won 2nd place and a 5,000 dollar cash price. which also reminds me I need to ask my mom what she did with that money I won since I was only 6. We will see if she stops talking a mile a minute then! LOL!



  1. 5,000 dollars at that age! wow. congratulations! what was first prize?

    love the colors! speaks of spring for sure. Made me long for spring right now. we are in the second day of a blizzard and the temp. is going to be really cold. minus 20-30 celsius by tue. brrrr......

    I love the ocean. I hope you keep warm!

  2. I can only imagine how cold it is there in Canada! My friend tells me everyday I talk with her. And to answer your question the first prize was 10 thousand dollars it was won by some aspiring artist that was an adult from what my mom says. The contest was for everyone who lived in my state it was sponsored by the chamber of commerce. Mom said that it was something they were using to promote the opening of an art gallery. As for the money no straight answer for that question... only she keeps saying, " My girls have made me proud throughout the years, you guys are like the gift that keeps on giving!"

  3. that is a beautiful thing to say to your child!

    you are very fortunate to have one that prize! Amazing!

    take care!