Sunday, October 17, 2010

The End

Memories of sharing                 
and just being one;
will never be forgotten
yet yesterday is gone....

Today is our reality...
but in my world you will ever be a part of me.

I don't know why I feel this way?
I don't know what it is of me to say?

Maybe it is the indifference to....
 the way things are for me and you.

Wanting what we know is not there,
not being able to freely share;
this growing affection in our hearts...
never being able to finish what we start.

Can you ever say that I...
am forever yours and never lie?

 knowing that this will not be true.
Now life has given us our cue.

Putting an end to this tedious compromise,
since we both agree its no surprise.

We must keep going and living our lives....
and learn from this friendship that has opened our eyes.


  1. very true, neverblueagain. and quite lovely too.

    intriguing painting! did you do it?

  2. even though I am somewhat of a painter, my passion is writing. LOL. This happens to be one of many paintings that I found and decided to write a description of it by poem. It is very intriguing and could tell so many tales in so many Romantic aspects. My husband is the true artist in my household. As soon as he finishes some of his paintings I will definitely put them up. Thank you my dear Hope.

  3. amazing! you are quite talented. It looks like a dream to me. what medium did you use? And...what inspired this?

    i posted some of my paintings as well on an older post. I love painting but I spend most of my time writing too.

    Love to see your hubby's.

    take care

  4. LOL! Oh no! Hope this is not my painting. I am sorry that I didnt clarify that I randomly get paintings sent to me by artists or art enthusiasts and they often times want me to express what I see in them. The only way I can do it fluently is through poetry. This happens to be one of them. But I will make you a promise that the next painting I paint I will post it and you will be the first to know.
    Take care.

  5. Hi thanks for following my blog. Nice to have new blogging friends. Hope to see your painting soon! Blessings.