Monday, August 16, 2010

Count down until the kids come home

Portion control has always been a problem for me! LOL I tried!
It is almost time for school and my children will be coming back in another week. My husband and I were suppose to finally get to do some of the plans that we made once the children left for the summer but we didn't. We basically did what we do when they are here and that was live in the same household and function in two separate ways. Kind of like drinking out of separate rivers that come from the same waterfall. We both agreed on Friday night that we at least want to be able to spend a weekend together doing what we love doing and that's eating in restaurants that we have never tried before. I really don't get to sample fine cuisine like I use to since I am no longer working outside of the home but my husband does when he goes on business trips for his company. I didn't really know what and where to start so I followed his lead. We both agreed that we wanted Mediterranean so that was the place we sought after. We managed to find a little place that is hardly noticeable but was very quaint. As we walked into the the restaurant to be seated I notice how very clean and crisp everything looked. One could hardly notice it on the outside because detail was obviously placed on the inside appearance. We were greeted by a very friendly server who seated us first and then told us what the specials were for the day. Now the only Mediterranean food that I have ever had was that of my mothers and grandmothers and because we were picky eaters most times my family didn't serve food like that to the children. I remember the stuffed grape leaves and the olive and feta cheese salad and the different fish dishes but that is a part of the small tasting of Mediterranean foods that I am familiar with because growing up, I only stuck to the foods that I was familiar with. Anyhow, my husband ordered like he already knew what he preferred from this place, which was very impressive to me so I decided to get one of the specials which was the Chilean Sea Bass served with balsamic vinergarette sauce, also served with potato tart and spinach and vegetable medley. My husband gets what he is all to familiar with and that is a Gyro with lamb and served yogurt sauce. We also ordered stuffed grape leaves and calamari for an appetizer. The calamari was some of the best I have ever tasted it wasn't overcooked and it had just enough bite to satisfy the palate until the next piece had made its way to the mouth. It was yummy! Now the stuffed grape leaves were not what I was expecting. They were cold! Which was not what I was anticipating. My mom's are always hot so this was a big disappointment to me,because I also found out after asking our server, that they pre-make theirs and serve them straight out of the refrigerator. The grape leaves had a really good flavor to them but they were just cold. I let my husband finish those up they were not appealing to me.I sat patiently waiting for my Sea Bass. this was also a dish that I hadn't had in a while but didn't know how to cook because some things I can not cook and I just eat when I go home to visit my family. Finally it came! I was surprised at how big of a portion that was on my plate. It was crunchy and flaky like I remembered! oh! this brought back so many memories! I ate and ate until I could not eat anymore! my husband was really staring at my plate and asked if he may sample a morsel of my fish. (LOL) I consented to it and he actually ate more of mine than he did his. His Gyro was excellent as well! the lamb was delicious also as I remember! We we very pleased with our meal and our server as well. I would definitely love to go back to this place maybe even bring some friends next time. I can't wait for my family to come here and visit I have so many places I want to show them and this is one of them. We have one more date to go on before the freedom ends and I wonder where it's going to be. Who knows maybe I can get my husband to try some caviar at the restaurant that I want to go to. We'll see the possibilities are endless.

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