Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Still blue but in a mysterious hue

The boy in blue
 I know its been awhile but I'm still alive and well. I have been so busy with so many things that I haven't had the time to squeeze in my blog time. I have however, had time between days off from work and not being the personal driver for my kids high school and middle school basketball practices and cheerleading practices for painting. I have also started working on  converting my pantry into my art room/office. Its still a work in progress but I am however pleased with what the future outcome will be. My husband has decided that it will become whatever I envision it to be so financially I am definitely pleased! That being said I have some  oil paintings that I completed a while back while walking the beach. The boy in blue has such an interesting mystery behind it. While I was walking the beach and taking pictures to use to decorate my art room I decided to rest and watch the waves. While sitting there I noticed this woman and even though it was not cool she had on so many clothes that I thought she was going to tumble over. Well as I sat and stared I noticed that she had two little boys. her husband was in the water washing his feet and her boys were running around. She then began to say something in her native tongue to her boys and they looked at her and stopped running. At this point I decided that I need to take a few more pictures before I went home to prepare dinner. So I decided to walk up the beach from where I was  to see what else I could find. As I walked the little boys began to follow me. I didnt really pay attention until I was close to the boardwalk and I heard little giggles behind the shrubs behind me. I also heard someone yelling in a panick. as I looked to see what it was I realized it was the boys mother and the panick was her not being able to find them. She ran up to the few people that were already at the beach and because her english was not that good it was just babble. I quickly ran to her and her husband and persuaded them to follow me to the shrubs where her boys were. Even though I couldn't understand what she was saying I knew she and her husband were relieved. She also was really fussing at them because one of them began to whine. As I sat there watching I realized the connection that women who are mothers have with their children. We can sense danger with our babies and we will run to the end of the earth to save them.  We will fight hard and love hard for them. We can also reak some serious havoc on them for the foolishness they feel is allowable from us.After everything was settled I asked them if I could take a picture of at least one of their boys they said it was fine because they were so greatful that I led them to them. After I took the pictures I asked were they living on the island or were they just visiting. They told me that they had only been here for 2 days and were staying with some family and they were still trying to decide if they wanted to live here. I left it at that because they both looked kind of cautious when they answered. I gave the boys some candy I had in my art bag that I normally keep  for my 8 year old when he goes on my walks with me, and then we said our  goodbyes. I dont know what there story was and as I was on my way home I couldn't help but wonder if they had anywhere to go.


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