Saturday, January 8, 2011

remembering me

This painting was done when I finally reached the end of a chapter in my life and needed something and someone to help me turn the pages. My hands were a little shakey when I painted this because I was so nervous and scared to have surgery the next day. So things may look a little out of proportion and  I could have fixed it but I wanted to find that tranquility I always get when I paint and I found it. 2007 was the end of a lot of things for me healthwise and I never thought I would say this...  but now it's just what I called it... a chapter in my life but it will be  one of the one chapters I shall never forget and my health reminds me of that everyday.


  1. Hi Neverblue,
    this is a wonderful portrait. the eyes draw me in. they are very life like and expressive. they look calm and kind. I don't know if parts of your painting is out of proportion for I don't know what your style is but I like it and your use of color.

    It is important to capture the expression and I think this one says, 'look at me, do you see that I am a complex being?' she looks like she wants the viewer to inquirer about her life.

    thank you for your comment on my post. I did post both the poems on the same post, and they are both still there. just in case you wanted to check them out again :)

    thank you for sharing and I'm glad that we can both look back at our lives and honestly say, 'those time were only chapters'

    have a great day
    take care

  2. Thank you Hope. I always look at my drawings and paintings and see something wrong. LOL! I guess I'm just to critical of my work, but then again I think all women are hard on themselves at one point or another. Thanks again.

  3. Sometimes when you try to fix paintings you lose the integrity of it. The proportions are what make it yours. Very nice.