Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year and wiser

Well I am here and I am so blessed to be able to see another year go by! There has been so many disappointments and joys and sadness. But I made it! I would have liked for some relationships to have been made stronger or even made into what is considered a relationship but that didn't happen either. So I am going to take most of what was part of making this year part of my life; and I am going to learn from it. I am no longer going to focus on what should of happened and I am going to reflect on everything that did. There are some new things that will be taking place in my life and that is because I am going to make them happen. Its time for things to happen and I am going to be the one to do just that. I will never understand things or people and so I will be the first to say that I have no control over that, but I will say no more trying to figure out why someone is pushing themselves from me because they are upset with themselves and feel like they can include me. This is just one of the  things that I will not allow to happen to me. People who act this way genuinely have always been this way and it just took me a little longer to figure it out. I will however be leaving people just where they are  as far as friendships are concerned, no longer will I go down to their levels just to relate to them. This is not saying that I will just stop talking to them at all. Its only saying that if they want to reach me and have a voice in restarting a friendship they have to come up to my level. Its not so hard to put someone else before yourself. I do it all the time! And here I am letting it all out again!LOL! I promised that I would not allow myself to do that, but you know what? why not. I know that my mom is going to read this as she reads everything I have ever written but you know what I still love her even if she thought I was tougher than I showed her growing up. I know that she is going to call me any second now and ask me about the story that I posted about my birthday for the umpteenth time and why I found it so hard to communicate with her. I love you mom! and Happy New Year! well gotta go that's her calling me again along with everyone else! LOL! I love my family and friends! How in the world do they do that?????


  1. *smile*
    good question?

    lovely post

    take care!

  2. Hi this is Fourborne, thank you for stopping by my blog and the wonderful comment. I would enjoy being friends with you. Sorry it took me a while to respond my life was taking me in many directions. I'm looking forward to this New Year and accomplishing as many life goals as I can. I'm looking forward to seeing your art emerge and talking about books. I noticed in your favorite books you wrote Painted House, I've read that also. Well happy creating.