Monday, November 15, 2010

Friends don't always equal happiness

It has been a while since I have posted anything. I have been really busy doing various projects and also preparing the story that I promised my mom that I would post. I may have been to busy for blogging but not to busy to do things with various people and just keeping a social communication going. While doing this I have noticed that people are acting diffferent and for what reasons I don't know. I know that they are just aquaintances that I sometimes go out with but, maybe because it has been said that christmas is the most stressful time of the year and maybe that's what's going on. But you know I am not going to go chasing people just to figure out why they are acting they way they are. I am about to become another year older on Novermber 28 and I don't have time to be chasing grown adults and babying them up because they feel like the world is not fair. I could be the same way but I'm not. You think you can finally be yourself in front of the very people you start to allow yourself to feel the most comfortable with and then things change....moods one is the same person that you met. Well to all who read this I can reassure you that I will not change. I won't change back to what I use to be....cold ...bitter...angry for no reason at all, holding a grudge against people and they have no clue why. Being petty and cliquish (ok that I never was but I thought I would throw that in there.)Not happy with who I am and whose I am just to please someone who doesn't give a care if I live or die. I won't let someones unwillingness to be truthful with themselves create conviction against me and  be  mad at me because they can bother me emotionally. I won't let anyone, everyone and someone steal my happiness because I don't live to please others.I have been through a lot of things and I am sure there is someone who has been through far worse than me; but that someone will not be me who lets past unfortunate events wear me down to the point where I can't enjoy life with people who are willing to enjoy it with me. I thank god for "real true friends". I don't believe anyone is perfect, and I certainly don't believe that a person can be too "happy" because I like to believe that happiness is contagious and if you hang around happiness than it will rub off on you. I do believe that if you can make friends with some unperfect people who are truthful and never hold anything against you or themselves, than you have a rare friend or friends and you should do everything you can to hold on to them and have as many happy moments as you can. I consider myself a true friend and I am always truthful to myself first before I can be a true friend to someone else. I don't know why it is so hard to be a "friend." Its free and  the moments shared are priceless. Thank god for the changed person that I have become. Thank god for the true friends he has allowed to cross paths with me in Tennesse.

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  1. I like your post! you reveal my sentiments exactly.

    i think you're right about xmas changing people's moods. it really isn't what it is suppose to be and I wish that people would just slow down and be in the moment and not get stressed about things that they must do. nobody has to do anything except be respectable, loving and compassionate to one another. that's all that matters. okay so there is the responsibility of everyday living but...why add the stress if the holidays do that. it isn't a holiday if it is stressful is it?

    happiness is contagious and if you hang out with people that are positive and happy your life will become just that
    have you read the book 'the secret'?
    it is about that. like attracts like

    have a wonderful day
    I'm glad you're back but I'm also glad you spent time doing what you wanted/needed to do. we all have to take a break from this internet thing once in a while.

    take care