Monday, October 11, 2010


It's funny how some people can bring so much drama to themselves because their lives are miserable. I say this because of a recently ended friendship that has really caused these emotions to overcome me in this order,
angry, livid, flabbergasted, and now amused. Let's start with the last one. This one is the one that has  lingered the longest. It all started off as  friends and that's all nothing more and nothing less. Somehow it ended up being something that must have went over my head because I am still trying to figure that one out. I am convinced that two people of the opposite sex cannot become friends unless there is a question of gender involved, at which point I would not have a problem with  a gay man being my friend because they make the best friends to a female. So he or she knows they will read this; so this ones for you!

Dear tiny morsel of a human being,
 I feel that if a person is married and having issues in their marriage you shouldn't be trying to contact anyone (namely me)  if you are not secure with your marriage. It's not socially conducive to an already insecure mate in the first place. I think its sad that because of that you will never know what its like to have fun with other people or couples without thinking that sex is always on the agenda... OR FEELING BAD JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY "HI" OR EVEN TALK  TO ANOTHER FEMALE. Just because you are  always together except for when working ( by the way who does that in a marriage all the time without going insane!) does not mean that someone is going to cheat. What a drabby marriage.Do not try to involve me and fault me for your misery. Didn't you know this before you got married? I'm sorry I forgot you said you were "tricked" into marriage. You have a lot of nerve calling my phone and texting me and making me out to be some stalker! you were the one who called and text me and got mad because I didn't answer! SENDING ME TEXTS WANTING TO KNOW IF I WAS YOUR FRIEND LIKE YOU ARE STILL IN THE THIRD GRADE! So I let it go and didn't keep an ongoing word battle going with you. You kept calling. Instead of being rude and seeming utterly fed up with you; I tried to be a friend and give you options on getting out and meeting other couples so that you both could have that time that most couples need to feel free and talk to people who could relate to you in the town and state in which you live, SINCE I LIVE IN AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT STATE AND TOWN!.....but you took it as an attack and thought I was saying something was wrong with the two of you, and now I am going to say, THAT IT IS......YOU ARE PSYCHOTIC AND DELUSIONAL! anytime you think someone is laughing at you and they don't even know why, yeah... there is some mental evaluation needed! And as for calling me and doing your so called "letting me down easy". UHHH... DID YOU FORGET?... YOU WERE  CALLING AND TEXTING ME! Furthermore, you could never do anything for me in that sense because you seem like a needy, emotionally, unstable man that is a coward and needs to man up and get a life! I should have known something was wrong with you when you said you hate it when I brag or talk about my husband. Last time I checked that is what I was  and am SUPPOSE to do! That should have let me know right then and there something was WRONG. To make a mountain back into a mole hill, I love my husband always have and always will. You have just made my marriage stronger than it already was and your little act is comedy for my HUSBAND and I. I trust him just like I know he trusts me not to do anything that would jeopardize our marriage. I have never cheated on him and sorry poncho, I don't plan on doing it with you or anyone else for that matter! So take your nightmare of a life and find some dumb desperate dame that is just as delusional as you and use her to make you feel like the man you wish you were! and DO NOT TRY TO CONTACT ME  EVER AGAIN!

Sorry I ever met you.

You should never mess with a master of words with a blog page, because this is my world and these are my words and your pathetic coward self cannot erase or control anything here! Once again man up and get a life!

.........NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE!.........


  1. yes, life is full of challenges that test our character.
    good for you! more power to you!

    take care

  2. Thank you for your encourgement Hope!