Saturday, September 11, 2010


I am still running and nothing has stopped me! I feel really good about myself and I am so loving all the energy that I have. I think that I want to take some pictures of only me and have the whole make up and wardrobe experience. The question is when do I want to do this? well maybe on my birthday that's if my day is not consumed with wonderful things and thoughts about me for me from the wonderful husband and friends that I have. As I think that thought I am looking at myself in a full sized mirror and I am loving the details and the smooth curves that define me as the woman wife mother and friend that I am. What once was a bumpy silhouette is now a smooth balance of beauty that is loved even more by the man in my life. I feel so good because I know all my pushing and striving has made me realize that some of things that I do, have a purpose and even if no one else can see it I sure can. I decided to try on a tankini set that I purchased for the cruise we are planning to go on and I remembered when I tried it on before my "hike to good health" began; it was going in the wrong directions and the extra cushion that I had was even more bountiful, but now..... I am very sexy and confident and toned in it! no jiggling here and there when I walk or run I think I am going to go to the beach and show it off and get some more tan on this new body of mine!LOL! my husband is always flirting with me and that is what's putting the glow on my face that everyone is talking about. I am excited about the mini vacation that my husband is taking us on. there is so much to do here in Savannah and visiting the different islands is always an adventure. I will be taking lots of pictures so that I can post them on my blog page I can't wait! Life is going really good for me and I am quite certain that it is going to get better in the months to come.

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