Monday, September 27, 2010

A song

It's funny how you never think about something someone you love has said to you until they do or say something that reminds you of how special you are to them. I remember when  I decided to go natural with my hair after the radiation made it fall out and my husband telling me how beautiful he thought I was. Even though my hair was buzzed all the way to the scalp to even it out, he said that it made me more beautiful to him. That made me feel like a million dollars because no one has ever made me feel like I was so beautiful at that moment in time but him. There is also a song that was dedicated to me and I will never forget it. I think I will put the words on my blog page to remind me of that feeling that I felt in that point in time.

 9 months after my hair grew longer.

Flirting With An Angel  


She was more than a picture of innocence   

Poetry in motion was her face when she smiles

Never heard a voice from a woman so delicate
She was everything I could ever want in life

So rich was her conversation
I was hanging on to every little thing she had to say
So pure was the girl’s intention
I was giving into thinking ‘bout her every single night and day

Somebody said – You must have been flirting with an angel
Somebody said – An angel stepped to your life
Somebody said – You must have been flirting with an angel

Somebody said – She came from the other side
Somebody said – You must have been flirting with an angel 

Was this really happening -tell me was I just dreaming
that a girl like this was standing – right here by my side
Did my heart stop beating – or was it just a feeling
If I close my eyes would I lose her – to this moment in the night

She was more than a physical attraction
Her body was a plus but her smile was saying it all
So brief was my hearts encounter
If this is what it’s like – God let me take the fall

 songs and lyrics by Gary Taylor

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