Monday, September 13, 2010


by Latresa Ivy
Kept and not meant to say,
forgetting leaving the mind to stray,
away from what is withheld within.
A boundary of lies and truths begins,
struggling to push them far away,
into the mind to forever stay.

Will you even allow a peep
of these secrets you hold so deep,
in a vivid world of your own,
only to subconsciously visit alone?

always haunting, yes it is true,
so much you know not what to do.

While in waking stage you pray
that  your secrets won't give way.

Paying close attention to,
everything you say and do.

 When the night has fallen on you,
alone you are with your emotions too.

Crying and sobbing 
and fighting the air,
screaming and yelling 
that you don't care.

As you calm and compose yourself,
and put those emotions back on the shelf.

You lie in your bed
as sleep becomes you friend,
just to bring forth what is withheld within,
to creep back in your mind again.



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