Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Feelings overcome by grief,
hopelessly searching for relief.

  Having tried and tried again,
but this sadness never ends.
Daring not to tell your friends,
they will never understand;

about these feelings that you feel,
wanting to make them all surreal.

In a dream to forever stay,
 waking will not make them go away.

So you try to suppress your mind,
by running and getting your focus in line.

Starting out with tears in your eyes,
seeming blind ; no reprise....
hearing seems to magnify....
 all you hear is your sobs and cries.

As you prepare to get self right,
wiping your eyes and setting the plight.

you began to see things clear,
suddenly you have no fears.

Apprehensively starting off slow,
you want to go!

imagining abandonment passing you by,
running so fast 
you feel as if you could fly!

away from loneliness,
and the strings it can tie....

associated harborings....
 fanned away by the wind from the wings,

that now seems to be attached...
to the rush of adrenaline that seems to match.
as you go higher and how high
nobody knows....

This addictive feeling just grows and grows!

Things seem to be OK....
and in this you embrace and want to stay....

Your body seems to do otherwise;
making a decision with no compromise.

that it is time to cool it down,
slacken your wings,
get back to the ground.

as you gasp and contain your breath....
satisfied with this emotional death.....

 feeling hopelessness creeping back in....
 reminding yourself that here it can end.

by Latresa Ivy


  1. Felt every bit of it Thank you

    Love your template! Beautiful blog!

    drop by my blog if you like


  2. hi! thanks for your comment on my post re a dream. I love the above. Loss, grief, can hold us down where we end in a circle and go nowhere. I've lost a husband and both parents. It's easy to sit rather than get up and be angry. yes, some people won't understand this feeling or don't know how to deal with us. we lose a loved one, but we forget we had gained a love one by knowing them and we shouldn't let their death take their memory away and hinder us to live. rose