Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My mind

Some issues and feeling have come up in my life. I am one who doesn't really talk about me because I see it has pointless to tell anybody how I am feeling noone can understand me but me so I tend to keep things to myself. I have so much that I need to get out of mind that it makes me so dizzy that I sometimes lose balance and have to catch myself  before I fall. I can't write anything write now because my mind needs to be emptied from the thoughts and feelings that are going around in circles. I think I will type the first thing that comes to my mind and try to get some peace.

Loving, cheating, people leaving, lying and living, losing and forgiving, Growing, saying no!, staying, going,honesty,passion,hateful,disgraceful,lonely,happy,sadness,madness,wealthy,poor,shutting the door,respectful,regretful,happily evermore, wanting, haunting, even flaunting,kissing,reminiscing,missing someone,here one minute and next they are gone,mine, yours, wood floors,tears,fears,long lost years,text, sex,so perplex!,hiding,siding,even lying,husband,wife,lots of strife,watching,waiting,finally persuading,alone,gone,calls on the phone,flirt,hurt,shoes on dirt, said,bed,these thoughts in my head!,can't sleep,quietly weep,going,going,always going,always smiling nothing showing,sun, moon,shining star, always being who you are.


  1. I know that writing of any kind can be a great stress release.

    Thank you for your post although you probably didn't mean it to be but I found it to be quite poetic.

    keep writing!

  2. It helps me to unwind. Thank you for reading.