Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling the fashion

Well I  feel  that shopping kick again. and I don't know if it will be a good or a bad thing for me. I haven't bought myself anything in a while and I just really feel the need to buy something for me. I looked in my crammed small closet and I feel sort of frustrated! I hate small closets! and this one is very compact! When we moved here I had to store my shoes in the pantry! that is how small the closet is here. I miss my huge walk-in closet in our other house. I miss the gigantic room with the high ceilings and a ceiling fan to circulate a breeze in the summer when the door sized windows were opened up. While we are on the topic I miss my own personal bathroom that was in my lovely retreat of a room. But that's part of the package when your husbands job requires him to travel a lot. It wasn't a forcible move it was by choice. I could have stayed in our home around my family but I wanted to be with my husband and he wanted to be with me so we decided to relocate whenever it was time to renegotiate his contracts with the company he works for. This is actually our third move and well I have to say I love the traveling and meeting new people. I guess I getting to that stage in my life where I want to stay put somewhere. But I  am like the wind I change all the time so if you were to ask me this again I probably would have another answer. I can say that when my husband and I met one of our goals to do together is travel and see the world. And as I see it, it is only just beginning for us. Okay, back to the shopping, I want a pair of  stressed brown leather knee high boots.
I have a leather purse that needs a little company and I want to have everything that I need to match my new pea coat that I bought. The look I am striving for this fall and winter is more of a chick costume look. I  am really  feeling the deep, romantic, dramatic personality that I love. A leather corset belt to match would be all that I  would need to pull this look off. So, I am on the hunt for nothing but the best quality leather and nothing but. I love the way leather feels and smells. I don't have to have anything with a name on it as long as its made out of  the best leather I will be satisfied. I am not caught up in all the designer tags and looks. Give me something made from good quality leather and I will rock it like nobodies business!LOL! and that's for reals! It doesn't take much to satisfy this chica I can make anything look good because its not about who makes the clothes, it's all about who is wearing them! that's my theory on that and it seems to work because I never wear anything like anyone else. I love the challenge of creating what is personable for me not for everyone else. Now I can't take all the credit for this idea of  fashion. My husband is the one who helped mold me into the fashion explorer that I am. And once again, another blog another time!LOL!
This is the corset that  I want but if I can't find it I have another alternative. I love corsets! I think they define my small waist and make me look scrumptious! (this is my new dramatic description of me.) LOL! They also give  a sense of control (literally speaking). I can't wait to wear this one! I am already claiming it cause I know I am getting it! As I said earlier I don't shop like I use to but when I see something I want I will do whatever is necessary to get it! Now I wouldn't sacrifice any kids or limbs but you know what I mean. Well I guess I better go searching to find my corset and rest assure when I get all my accessories together I will post a picture for all to see!

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  1. LOL, we do have a lot in common! I love a bit of retail therapy....quite often, in fact! It was only a couple of weeks ago that I bought three Winter coats, but I really want a good sherling sheep-skin coat. Now I have to buy new boots....then that leads to accessories, probably the best part of all!
    I know how you feel about not having enough space.
    When my husband was alive, we travelled around England and Europe a lot, we even spent a year in Boston, Massachusetts, and I would love to go back there again.
    I just HATE the Winter with a passion! I hate being cold, and I really believe that the time of year you were born affects you. I'm a July I love the Summer!
    Big hugs!