Monday, September 27, 2010

Encuentros De Amor

I love putting poems to a painting or a photograph. I love to let my imagination get the best of me and I just run along with it. The poems I write are of pure imagination and have nothing to do with my actual life experience. If I write something and it has something to do with me I will put a brief description of why I wrote it and then I will post it. So please, if I write something and it seems a bit out of character it is just describing the photograph or painting that I posted; which is  also a part of who I am... A creator of words  with a wild imagination sometimes! LOL! enjoy without judgment! thanks!


Encuentros de Amor (Encounters of Love)

Subtracting time that you don't have,
just to see each other laugh.

Multiplying love times two,
just to conceal all  you do;

until it comes the moment to,
divide your loyalty so true.

That's when the problem complicates,
the actual timing that seems to aggravate;
as you try to situate
figuring out unnecessary debates.

Putting time and factors in place;
reworking every space and line
carefully just to work out fine.

As you follow a new plan
adding back the love again.

All of this is equal to
a world with only the two of you.  

by Latresa Ivy


  1. Love this blog, it is so peaceful!
    Yes, I can relate to a lot of it. I would follow you, but I can seem to find your followers list!

  2. Happy endings...I love them!

    written beautifully, Deeplyneverblueagain. I love how you brought them around full circle. Experiencing the challenges of a relationship and bringing them together again even stronger.

    thank you for posting

  3. Thank you Hope. Alice I am glad you enjoyed it as well.