Sunday, August 1, 2010


In light of the little "shiny star" event that took place in my life on yesterday and is now considered a side note. I have decided to respond to some emails and texts that were sent to me on how I was going to handle the situation at hand. Let me start by saying that writing is what I do. I have been doing it since I was 10 yrs old and now that I am an adult it is still what I choose to do. Getting paid to do it is always a plus. Its not something that I decided to do one day. My husband and best friends will tell you that. I express myself and I believe I can touch others with my writing in ways that raw emotion has no justice over. One instance being the blog I wrote that was meant for a very dear friend of mine. It was taken as it was being directed towards someone who is one of the 197 friends I connected with on FB that I randomly post to and is also a follower of mine on my blog page.I am also a follower of hers as well. anyhow I wanted to put an end to whatever may be harboring in the air about what has and will take place. and here it is:NOTHING.I decided to say my piece and leave it where it is. Please don't send me anymore emails or texts on how you think I should take care of something so minor. thank you.

I am also ending this with a little poem I wrote. This will end all misunderstandings for me and I hope it will for you as well.

Latresa Ivy

We were mere acquaintances
only meeting by circumstances...

At the lockers in the hall
passing by or leaning on the wall...
or maybe even no social contact at all..
because it was so long ago its hard to recall.

You don't know me like that at all.
So why make it seem like
there was an "us" or "we" involved?

You don't know me this is true,
I still am baffled by how
making someone your "best friend" is something
you subconsciously do?

Even though I am flattered
how you place me at the top of your ladder...

You don't know me like that at all
So, who are you to make that call?

Since you have the audacity,
let me enlighten you about me.

I am in love so much in love.
With my life and the many paths thereof.

I am no longer a choice and yes...
I include rejoice-ing
in my wonderful life as a chosen wife,
mother, daughter, aunt and friend.

Maybe you cant see why I am so excited and happy....
But let me once again remind you....
You don't know me.

You haven't been where I have been
or done the things I have done..
Like knowing and fighting many battles in my life and barely won.

I have learned that things in life happen for a reason.
If something doesn't happen in your life like you expect it to,
than maybe its not your season.

Don't go around assuming that everyone is always focused on you.
Because as a responsible adult; I am one who has better things to do.

I don't owe you anything,because I have done nothing wrong.
I have a life to live and I am moving on.

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