Wednesday, July 7, 2010

After six

When its after six in the afternoon I know certain things will take place in my household.....only......this time my household is quiet and the certain routine actions that take place will go on somewhere else where there are children present.I am enjoying the time that I have away from my children and I like the break from the everyday routine that takes place when you are running a household. I am certain I can get use to this but as they always say, "too much of a good thing can be bad for you." I guess I could fill all this extra time writing and finishing stories and deadlines that have been created for me by me; but I think I will not. As I sit here typing I consider this a break as well and I feel another poem forming in my innermost deep thoughts.

by Latresa Ivy

Quiet and serene
the shiny wood floor does gleam
waiting and hesitating
the created vibrations in every beam
and as I watch and listen
for the crisp movement of harmony
that bounces off each foot step
on this aged wood floor that is so well kept
there is no sound
no children around
to stir up the dust or
jumping and bumping because its a must.....
no there all gone....
and the aged wood floor is alone
with nothing but memories
of marks here and there....
from the rumbling and stumbling
of children of no care
yes I watch and listen
reminisce on how its beauty is journey-ful
and admire how age has made it beautiful....

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