Saturday, July 31, 2010

I 'm still running and this time its full speed!

I am loving and living my life to the fullest!I have been training to be able to build up my endurance and to run for 45 minutes straight. I am doing good and I am also well into my third week getting ready for my fourth nothing is stopping me! I love my husband who is everything to me and I love my children who bring so much laughter in my life.I am a positive force in everything that I do or say and sometimes I think that people are who they are because that's all they know. That's not going to change who I am and whose I am. My friend finally responded to me on yahoo but she will not call me for some reason. When we first met in Montgomery she was such a fun person and I really enjoyed being around her and the other girls but then she started getting distant and disappearing a lot when we would meet for a night out with the other ladies. She started getting scarce and not calling us back leaving us wondering where she was. And that was the real question for a while. She then started chatting with me randomly on yahoo and little by little her life started unraveling until recently she finally told me what was going on with her and why. I'm not going to go into detail about it but now she is divorced and pregnant with her lovers child and he is no where to be found. I feel bad for her but I also am angry. When she does decide to stop hiding behind yahoo, FB and emails about my blogs and call me I don't know what I would say to her.
I thought she was happy and everything was great but I guess one never knows what happens behind closed doors.I think I will choose to be there for her because she doesn't need anymore finger pointing than she already has. I just thought we were better than that. She told me that I was the only real friend that she has and that made me want to cry. Why do people make the choices that they make? Is always a question in my mind. Every one is different and every one sees things in a different way I guess.I am glad I finished my last short story and sent it off because she has really been on my mind. I wish she would call me and stop avoiding me every time I call. I don't want to talk on yahoo, I just want to make sure that everything is alright with her and if she needs anything. That is unknown at this point because she only chats with me on yahoo and FB. I know she will read this because she will send me an email so, call me please and talk to me! On a good note I am hoping that the poems I submitted are winners this time I sure could use the extra cash even if I come in second place like I have been for the past two years!(LOL) that's OK though, cause I love the competition and I know there are some better writers out there and yes yours truly will one day be one of them. Some people might not think that's important but I do. I didn't go to college just to pass the time away...OK I did at first until I sparked the interest of my English instructor who read some of my work and asked me if I wanted to help write a book with her. I was excited to be one of the 3 chosen out of the 200 students she taught everyday! So yes that is an accomplishment to me and yes there are lots of people who send me emails personally to write things for them and to tell me what they think about the things that I write on my blog page. I have had 6 offers to write books alone this year and have only accepted 2 of them because I have a household to manage. God has really been good to me and that's the truth
and nothing and no one will and can't take that away from me! I cant wait to go on my cruise that my wonderful husband has planned for us! can't wait to do so many things with the new friends that I have. I can't wait to enjoy even more things that is promised to me from supporting my husband in his advancements even though I had to resign from my job and support his dream to be able to take care of his family and live comfortably. I am so thankful for all that I have and I am ready to continue my journey to see what else is in store.

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