Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One of many thoughts

So today I did my daily speed walking.this is normally my time of reflection over my life. Sometimes I come up with thoughts that turn into poems in my head. This one was really just describing how I really felt. I have been feeling like I have lost my way in my own life. The feeling of co-existing seems to have succumbed my free spirit. I have come to realize that things only happen if you let them, I feel this way because I allow myself to feel this way. I think that once I get that out of my head then I will feel so much better about my life.

by Latresa Buchanan-Ivy

I'm sitting here
just landed
In a seat don't feel demanded
cause this is my window of peace.

wondering, concentrating
on my life
and what is waiting

makes me want to throw everything down
cross my arms and frown.
just not be around.

I just want a choice in life
to run or stay ....
and to pick my days.

right now...
I need some understanding,
I need no reprimanding
I want a lot of attention..
"I love you" should be mentioned
I want someone to comfort me...
and when I leave,
I need to feel you miss me.
I just want to hear, "don't leave", "come back baby", "stay with me"....

I'm writing, wondering and thinking,
why I feel my life is sinking,
Tell me how you want me to feel?
cause lost is how I really feel?

Constantly I'm trying,
to be the best,
there is no denying...

I don't want to be perfect no more...
I think it's time to stop here.

Back and forth I'm talking
and watching while opportunity is walking.

Now I realize,
It's time for me to rise,
and take a chance and fly.......

I just want a choice in life
to run or stay,
and to pick my days.

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