Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On my way to god

I don't know where or why so much negativity is trying to creep into my life all of a sudden. I think maybe it's because I now realize that Face book is not where I need to be devoting any of my time. Some of those people on there are very miserable in their adult lives. Every time I get on there some of the same people are always complaining about the way things are going for them and just making the whole networking and connecting to other people just lothesome. Nobody should broadcast their life as much as some of these people do! I mean really, some of us just want to say, "hi" or let people know where we are. It's to the point now, where Face book is becoming the free therapy session. If you are complaining that you are broke and and have not a dime to your name this automatically excuses you from not keeping your problems to yourself so you have the right to let everybody on face book know that your life is miserable. I had to take myself off of that. My life is not in "miserable shambles." I am not saying that everything is perfect but its not bad either. I know some people don't know how to deal with the things that come up in their life and I am not saying that they have too, but everybody doesn't always have to know. I have had people in church look at my husband and I and say, "you guys are doing good."I remember some years back, before all the promotions and all the education my husband and I was the average you couple just starting off and we lived frugally. Not by choice,mind you. Well, one day we paid all of our bills and we didn't have any money to go get food for our then babies. We didn't worry about it because we just never really worried about things like that, but this time it was brought up occasionally by us to each other. Well we went to church like we always did and enjoyed just being together as a family and having that time together. And at the end of the service the pastor announced that they were giving away food baskets for thanksgiving to three families....well as we were packing up diaper bags and putting on jackets our name was called! can you imagine! no one knew our situation, no one knew our circumstances! We were so thrilled and my husband began thanking god right then and there as loud as he could. He then testified and told everyone about how we paid all of our bills but we didn't have any money left over for food. And to this day, even if things are not going as we would like, if anybody asks my husband how thing are going he always says, "all is well." See nobody has to know your trials every time you have one cause that's life, and besides that's what friends are for and if you don't have any than that's what god is for. We talk on a regular basis there is not a day or minute or hour that I don't talk to him. And its not just because my husband is a minister and that's what I'm suppose to do; I do it because that is what his word instructs us to do. This is why some of these people are letting life drag them around because they really don't have a strong relationship with god like they confess that they do. You can't be wishy washy with god, he is a jealous god its either all or none when it comes to your relationship with him. I didn't learn this over night either. I am still learning, but I can say I am walking on the right path and I know I am on my way to somewhere and something great.

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