Monday, June 28, 2010

Clean bill of health

I am very conscious about how much activity that I get and what and how much I eat. Last week was a rough one for me because I had some health issues with myself that I do not care to mention that left me doing nothing but going to the bathroom and back to bed. WELL needless to say I went to my doctor today and she says that I can go back to my usual routine! yay!! now I can get back to being the active person that I prayed so fervently to be; and on top of that I have some new friends who would like to join me! Life is so good and I know this every time I wake up in the morning or when I lay down and see how the moon finds me; while its no secret, that it is peeping through the blinds in the window next to my bed. I had a poem for the beautiful moon that is bright every night while it lights up the sand on the beach. It even talked about how the moon follows me where ever I walk or sleep. I had a beautiful one while... I experienced insomnia for the pain that I felt every night that seemed so heavy and not light. But you see that was my outlet to release what was going on with my body. My outlet for me to focus on what god has and will do for me.....and when I begin to think of all his goodness, that poem and all the pain disappeared! the only thing I could think of was how he has healed me and set me free! and now I am filled with nothing but thankfulness and positivity.. because I now know that I have a clean bill of health.

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