Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've never been one to push the issue on anything pertaining to me. I have always been the one who had to accept "whatever" from whatever the situation gave me. My mom use to call me "Wess I ain't in that mess"! Now that I look back over my life I really never had much of a focus on me. It's just something I learned to become a part of. It was never that I didn't have much to say, it's just no one ever listened to me because I was so quiet and I never said much. Now, that I am older I think everyone still sees me that way including my husband and he has not known me from my childhood. I have a lot to say but the question is...."If I was asked to talk about me and how I really feel, could I be honest?would I have anything to say?" that is the real question. I have all these thoughts some call them daydreams, but I call them thoughts because every action starts with a thought. One of my thoughts is about me being this very interesting individual that everyone is so intrigued by and the people who know me that never listen to me; stand back and wonder why they have never taken the time out to find out more about me. I promise I am so interesting and so deep that my thoughts and my very being will always keep you thinking and wondering how and why? Oh.....well I guess I am back to this thing called life and I am hidden again.

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