Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hazy and Gray and Hazy and blue

I decided that instead of working out  (since I can't go run since it is 25 degrees out. ) I wanted to do a painting that somehow expressed me without me saying anything. I know that's kinda weird, but I was feeling bold on this cold day and I decided to give it a try.Most of my paintings have an detailed emphasis on eyes. I love to paint eyes I think everyones eyes has a story to tell about them.

  Hazy Gray and Hazy blue

  Hazy Gray and Hazy Blue 
 her eyes reveal all in her that's true.

 Now, when her voice and eyes are kind;
  She can conceal her complex mind.

 She does but ponder in her secret thoughts;
 ones so deep only she has sought.

 For within herself, she walks the silent shimmering sea.
Her spirit is this free....
Happy air and all that surrounds....
the weedy blue shore and its soothing sounds.
 Keeping her at peace....
 with its youthful mysteries...
 Her wonders are all her own and will last....
 until darkness comes creating a cast.
The gray-eyed twilight will linger long.....
 as silence whispers her a sweet song.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I was checking out your art. If you want more definition for your nose, start by trying to keep the center lighter and building up a darker color on the sides. I hope this helps. Your words are very deep.

  2. Thanks! I most definitely will try that. It makes sense.

  3. I like your art! *AND* you are quite the wordsmith. Still loving your blog :D

  4. this is a very beautiful painting! I really like this one.

    Yes, I think everyone's eyes has a story to tell for sure. not only the fact that this portrait has a great likeness to you, the expression tells me 'i've got a secret' in fact, 'i've got many'
    and I love the colors you chose for this. Very calming.

    your words are very beautiful a well.

    goes very well with the portrait. 'keeping her at peace...with her youthful mysteries'
    I'm glad you reflected on using youthful mysteries for i find that the mysteries we carry with us that are youthful, innocent, pure etc. are indeed calming.

    you've got many beautiful lines in your poem. Well done!

    silence whispering a sweet song, I can relate to that although the last two poems i wrote, spoke of the opposite! most of the time i love the silence. :)

    have a great day, Neverblueagain!

  5. Thank you hope! I can't wait to read more of yours!