Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nature's forgiveness


Happy as can be
nature seems to agree.

Life is back as I know it
I have my Happy back
I am not afraid to show it!

Even though the past few days,
were filled with hues of grey,
Today is a new day!

Color in ever step of the way!
Compassion is at its peak too;
with everyone whom I speak too.

How did I let it slip away?
for in my heart happy lives and stays.

Embracing the positive energy,
as the suns rays warms this face on me......
my hope is higher than it usually  would be;
and the trees,
 seem to rustle their leaves,
as a breeze.....
 of wind makes it known that
it sees me.....
 and believes......
 Happy is  back in my life again.
 This bond we have made
will never end.


  1. what a lovely poem! I felt happy reading it

    'even though the past few days were filled with hues of grey
    today is a new day!'
    I love how you acknowledged the fact that we experience the gloomy side of life and in the same token hope is there so we can embrace the bright side too.
    favorite line~ for in my heart happy lives and stays

    thank you
    take care

  2. Nature always fills me with positive energy. I can never stay indoors longer than needed. LOL! Thank you Hope I am glad you enjoyed it.

  3. neverblue~ thank you for your comment on my blog. I am so happy that you enjoyed my alliteration.
    You made me smile and I might made my day
    thank you