Monday, August 23, 2010


As I am sitting here looking at the ocean and digging my feet deeper in the cool sand. I am thinking about all that I am thankful to have and even though I know that life is so much better for me now than it ever was. I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I could have one thing that love offered me with no changes no sadness no regrets no consequences no sacrifice and most of all  no strings attached; just freely and open with nothing but goodness in the long run just like the ocean. I know that things work together for the good just like this ocean but it also goes on for miles and miles because  that is what its purpose is it has nothing but time which also creates patience and serenity. I love the ocean and the meaning it has created for me. I just have to learn to love the patience and the serenity that is also included in that meaning as well. I am hurting in more ways than anyone will know but I know it will get better for me and its not going to change the person that I am. I know that my heart will heal I just have to keep living and loving as much as I can no matter what.

I wake
 by Latresa Ivy

I wake to find my fate
By Allowing my being
to reciprocate

Learning and always going where I should not go
thinking my feelings will change from what I know

Loving, caring, nurturing and sharing
Doing things that are even daring

Of those so close beside me
are you also treading within the

grounds that I am willing to walk?
so softly only to cross,
the rivers that will trickle into
the sea
only to reveal,

the instinctual process that only nature can will,
the secret but natural union
that happens in an instant and real soon

the elements that bond
instinct as we know it,
combine as one spilling and will start to show it,

making way for the next scene
grasping every fiber in my being,

as I prepare to set sight
on the never ending plight
of the fire that creates the beautiful sunset
where the two bodies of water
crash and wave like they have waited for this moment
and are grateful they have met.

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