Monday, August 2, 2010

I am so proud of me!

I got up early this morning and this time I pushed myself way beyond my limits! After the two miles of running I walked with an (RPE of 5 miles an hour)!Not only did I walk at that steady pace but I did it for 5 miles and all in all for an hour! yes! I am excited for me! That burned 658 calories and that is before breakfast so I have some extra calories to eat to make up for the ones I burned! I probably want eat them all but as long as I stay within my caloric range I am good! I have realized that my calves and my abs are really getting a workout because of the changes in the way that I am running.Its all good though. I am loving it! Everything is changing physically within me and I notice all of it. I am ready for my children to come home from Tennessee. They have been gone all summer with their grandparents and I had much needed break.Even though my children are the only grand kids their grandparents have I think its important for children to spend time with family. It makes them close and creates all the wonderful pictures and memories that will last forever. Still haven't finished that story yet. I keep getting writers block. My mom wants to read it before I submit it but its not done. I wrote a story based on a very good memory of mine and I guess I want to make sure that I keep it as fictional as possible because the last story I wrote was bitter sweet and to many people thought it was pertaining to an experience that involved them. Needless to say, I was celebrating alone.....LOL! I think I am going to listen to my husband and work on another one until I can decide how to end the first one I was working on. Mom I know that you wanted me to put the "Birthday Wish" on here for everyone you know to read; but I am really emotional when it comes to that story so I am going to wait until my birthday and I will put it on my blog just for you. I am feeling really good about myself and I am excited about the whole kickboxing thing coming up and the fact, that I have been able to really get some writing done. There were some bumps here and there, but all in all I can honestly say that I kept my cool and thank god for peace of my mind. Thank god for changing my way of thinking and showing me "me". I really am ready for my kids to come home because that's when the real test starts. All I can say is bring it on, I can handle it.LOL.

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