Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I did a little variation in my "hike to the healthy life" today. Instead of running this morning I decided to do it this afternoon. This morning I did strength training and and now I am really feeling the burn. Its a good burn though and I am still excited about life! I really like that I am opening up more to all the possibilities that life has waiting for me and I was just to scared to see them. I know that I am not going to please people some of the time so why worry about what they say all of the time. It will make you crazy. I learned this a long time ago. I figured out why I had such a big writers block. It didn't start until I let lonely and desperate misery entertain me, and for a moment there I was almost part of the company that misery keeps. But because of the positive influences that I surround myself with and the wonderful true friends I have come to acquire they pulled me out of that slump and brought back the celebration that is always a part of me and makes me who I am. I'm not going to change what I say or monitor what I write because freedom of speech is so wonderful and I utilize it every chance I get. Normally, I would have wrote a poem to really express all that I have typed so far, but my husband is right, " my life is mine and I am no slave to anyone or their emotions." So, I am going to remain who I am because being me is who I am and what I am good at , and writing just happens to be a benefit. I love my family, and friends new and old.....let me stop! (LOL) that was about to be a poem. My children are going to be so proud of their momma because I thought of some fun things for us to do when they get home and one of them happens to be racing all three of them without getting tired so quickly. Well, I gotta go eat something and have my 5 sips of coffee and think about what I will cook for dinner tonight, while I am waiting for my run with my husband this afternoon.

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